C011-A1 – Interactive Mood Board

Class 011 – Assignment 1

“Interactive Mood Board” (Solo Assignment)

1) How can you evoke a message using the limited toolset you have in Unity 3D thusfar?

Taking inspiration from the “Medium is the Message” lecture today, create a Unity environment with a message.  Build out an environment in unity that players can explore that evokes a mood.  This can be a visceral emotion you want them to feel, or a higher level statement about the human condition.  DO NOT explicitly post what this mood or emotion you are trying to evoke is as we will be exploring this next class.

2) Post screenshots of your environment or a published build of your world.

3) Look at one of your fellow student’s Unity projects and post a comment describing what their environment makes you feel.

4) Post the URL to your individual student blog documentation below as a comment.

Timestamp Due: 2/24/2014, 7:30p

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